In one of the previous posts we told you about some of our favorite mobile apps for dog parents. Lots of our loyal readers reached out to us with additional suggestions and recommendations and we have updated our list since then. One of the apps that came to our attention especially stood out from the pack, and not only because of the raving reviews from our readers, but also because our human parents fell in love with this app the moment they downloaded it. So we decided to dedicate a separate post to this pawsome app. Meet Barkily!

Dog-parenting becomes a breeze with the Barkily app, which is basically a “Doggy Day Planner” developed by dog lovers, who understand the need to stay organized to take care of the furry buddies.

By creating a profile for your pet in Barkily, you’ll find it incredibly easy to manage their routine and have all the information right at your fingertips. From scheduling your doggy’s daily walks to getting reminders about the next vaccination date, this app is the only thing you’ll ever need!

The easy-to-use app lets you store essential information such as vaccination certificates, details of veterinarian check-ups, medication schedules, boarding, grooming appointments and several other dog-related activities. The basic information stored in the app can be accessed by the kennel staff, vets, dog-groomers and other vendors when you need their products or services, eliminating the need to carry documents with you all the time. You can also use it to find the best nutrition information for your dog or solve the mystery of the parentage of your mixed breed dog.

The app also makes it easy to search for local dog-related businesses or services along with getting great deals and discounts. If you find a business missing, you can add it in the app for other dog-parents to discover. In fact, that’s what we did – we added our favorite groomer and a couple of boutiques stores that we frequently visit. How pawsome is that?!

And that’s not all. By registering on the Barkily app, you can order a special tag with a QR code for your dog containing all the information you want to share, such as the name of your dog, your name, phone number and address. This way, you’ll be easily reunited with your doggy in case they go missing.

In a nutshell, Barkily is an all-round app for dog-parents that helps maintain the health and wellness of their furry buddies throughout their lifetime! Curious to try it yourself? Download iOS version or the Android version now!

Note: We did not receive any kind of compensation for this review. This post contains affiliate links. 

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