Woof! This post was contributed by our own reader and doggy parent Joanna Wilkins from London. She shares with us some useful tips on how to keep your house clean even if you have more than one doggy.

Whether you own one or multiple dogs, certain cleaning techniques must be followed in order to keep your house clean, disinfected and fresh of pet odors. It is by no doubt a rewarding experience to own and raise a dog in your home. As far as the dog is concern it is probably having a great time living inside and getting much more from it’s owners. Pet owners find the experience likewise, except for some little tweaks, as being in the role of the owner, its his responsibility to care, look, and clean after the dog. Some say it is quite a burden, but whats a little pet hair and a few broken glasses in exchange for unconditional love?

As most of the pet owners probably know, removing and cleaning pet hair from furniture, clothe etc is quite the cleaning chore. It can definitely get annoying, if you have to do more often as your pet begins to shed its fur. One method to control the pet hair to spread everywhere in your home is placing a towel on the spot your dog usually sits or lays on. This way when he lies down to rest most of the hair will remain there on the towel. Shake away the hair out periodically, definitely try to clean it a little before throwing it in the washing machine with your clothes.

If your dog likes to get his paws dirty when out and about on a walk. Try keeping a shallow container filled with water by the exit door of your home. When the walk is over and you are about to enter back home with your dog put his paws inside the water, take them out after a while and try and dry them a little using a towel, which you can also place nearby the shallow container filled with water. This is quite useful, because the bacteria and pathogens on the street stick between your dog’s paws and he brings them right in, not to mention the dirt, especially during the winter season when big part of the sidewalk is covered in mud and melting snow pieces containing dirt and dust.

Stains must be a common side for the dog owners out there. Urine appears to be the problematic stains most owners have troubles with. It is quite hard to hard to remove a urine stain if not taken care of immediately. Let it dry out and you will have a wild ride trying to get it off. When you notice your dog doing his business where he is not supposed to, it is essential that you start cleaning right away. Remove any solid residue using a knife like object or a dull knife. Get a towel or a washcloth and start rinsing slowly using nothing but water. After applying the water, try a solution of mixing it up with a little dish soup, rinse repeatedly for better results. I am a afraid that if the stain is too stubborn or the odor that’s coming out is quite strong, you might need to call for professional help like that of Tlc cleaners Hoxton.

In order to avoid less dirt and chaos caused by your lovely pet dog try putting a mat under its bowl of food or water. You can either make one yourself or purchase it from the pet store. They are very useful and efficient, keep rinsing and refreshing the mat for less waste and better outcome.

Another thing to look for is making sure your dog doesn’t scratch the surfaces in your house. The most common area is doors and furniture, by scratching the door the dog usually indicates that it wants to go out and into a different room. Trim your dog nails regularly to avoid deep scratches or a add a sheet that fits your door’s size and create an alternative way for your dog to signal his need to go out.

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