… and the first reviews are pouring in:

Our puffball LOVES these. This was the first time she had them. She hates being sent to her crate when the night comes , but she will go in happily for a piece of these treats LoL” (Barbara S., verified reviewer)

Finally, a real pork better and safe alternative to “beggin strips”! Real 100% pork! My yorkie is ecstatic!!!” (Jennifer H., verified reviewer)

We love you beef treats, and have been waiting for you to release pork version for so long! When we finally got it in mail, our little guy just went crazy sniffing the bag and wagging his tail! Now he jumps as high as he can when i pull out this bag. Bravo!” (Joan H. verified reviewer)

The Valentine’s Day is almost here so show your doggy some piggy love! Get them our pork krak’ems!

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