Phew! It’s been only three months into the year, and we already feel like taking a vacation! So we actually went ahead and booked a weekend for us and our humans at our favorite Audrey’s farmhouse. We’ve heard it underwent major renovations so we can’t wait to see it! We have been also looking for other luxury pet getaways, and stumbled upon this pawsome site called Glamping Hub. It’s always been hard to find nice places to stay that will also accommodate your furry family member. That is, of course, until Glamping with Pets rode into town!

The one-stop- shop for all things to do with traveling with pets, these guys are also the world’s number one booking site for pet-friendly vacation rentals, but with a fantastic twist. Just look at the name: Glamping with Pets. What is glamping?, you may ask, curiously. Well, if you combine the words (and concepts) of glamour and camping, you get glamping; a unique way of immersing yourself into a natural landscape full of beauty, without forgetting the comforts of home.

luxury dog getaways in california

Pet-Friendly A-frame Cabin, California

And what better way is there to explore nature in style and comfort than with your pet, running free and getting in touch with their wild side. Glamping with Pets fills the need we never knew we had, the need to get out and roam freely with our four-legged friends, seeing a different side of familiar places.

luxury pet getaways in midatlantic w york

Stunning Luxurious Tents in the Adirondacks Mountain, NY

They have plenty of these luxury, pet-friendly glamping sites across the world, ranging from bell tents with running water and electricity to tipis, yurts, and vintage campervans, all with extra room for canine companions and feline friends!

luxury pet getaways with Glamping Pets in California

Stunning Dog-friendly Tree-house in California

So next time you’re planning a camping excursion or a hike out with your pet, why not check these guys out? There’s sure to be the pet-tential for fun-filled vacations when Glamping with Pets is around! We will definitely will use them next time, when searching for luxury pet getaways!

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