Do you know that most dogs HATE when their humans look at their mobile phone instead of paying attention to their furkids? We think belly rubs and peekaboos with your doggy are much more rewarding than playing Candy Crash and scrolling through the Facebook news feed. But then there are situations when mobile apps can actually make your and your doggy’s life easier and more fun – and we have put together a list of some pawsome dog apps in this post.

Dog Whistle App

This free app can be used to train your dog or call them to you when outdoors. You can experiment with changing the frequency of the whistle and patterns of the sound to find the combination that is optimal for the training. Lulu goes especially crazy when our human parents use this app! Download iOS version or Android version

Dog Training Clicker App

If you are using a clicker approach in teaching your doggy  new tricks, this app is for you. You can use special sounds like bells or squeaks to reinforce different behaviors.  Of course, we personally prefer using dog treats for training — the sound of crunching delicious krak’ems is the best reward for learning a new trick! Download iOS version or Android version

Pet First Aid App

Use this award winning app from American Red Cross to check the symptoms, learn the first aid steps for specific illnesses and injuries, set up appointments with local veterinarians, and even locate the nearest pet hospitals in case of emergency. A must have app for every responsible dog parent! Download iOS version or Android version

Map My Dog Walk App

Similar to its human version, Map My Ride, this app lets your track your walks with your doggy, including the distance, calories burned, and number of steps taken. It also shows best dog walking routes and friendly dog businesses in the vicinity. Download iOS version or Android version

 Dog Buddy App

Your doggy can now have their own diary! Use this app to record important events in your doggy’s life, add photos, track weight, symptoms, medications, dates of vaccinations, groomers and vet visits, and tons of other useful information. You can then email these records to yourself or your friends. The Dog Buddy app can support multiple dogs – so both of us (Lilly and Lulu) have our own diaries. That makes it one of the best dog apps ever! Download iOS version

Bark Cam App

While all doggies make great photo models, some of them have a hard time looking at the camera. There are tons of photo dog apps, but with this pawsome app, you can get a pawfect photo of your doggy in a minute! It grabs your doggy’s attention using a customizable sound (options include cat meows, doorbells, toy squeaks, and more) making your pooch look at your phone camera. Now you know the main secret behind our Instagram photos! After snapping the photo, you can add filters, funny quotes or stickers and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Download iOS version or Android version

Dog Park Finder App

Use this app to find a dog park or other dog friendly places, anywhere, any time. The app contains information on thousands of dog parks nationwide, and includes options for dog friendly outdoor locations like beaches or restaurants. Download iOS version

Bring Fido App

This app helps dog parents to find dog friendly hotels, motels, B&Bs, restaurants, and other places and local dog friendly events when travelling out of town with your doggy. You can look up the pet policy, search for pawfect accommodations using multiple criteria (popularity, distance, price, rating, and more), and book hotel or a table at the restaurant right in the app. We fell in love with it when we used it to find and book our stay at Audrey’s FarmhouseDownload iOS version

Best Dog Apps: Have We Missed Anything Cool?

Have you tried any of these apps? What other apps do your humans use? Please tell us in the comments below for a chance to win a prize!

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