Another snowpocalypse hit New York City this weekend, and we had to stay at home for a day and half. Luckily for us, our parents know that doggies need to exercise on a daily basis, and factors like cold and rainy weather should not prevent them from doing so. On rainy and snowy days like this, indoor games for dogs are a great option for them to stay physically active! In this post, we would like to share some of our favorite games that our parents use to keep us busy at home when walkies outside is not an option. The best part of it? Some of them require no more than 10-15 minutes !

Hide and Seek (Activity Level: Light)

If your apartment is spacious enough, you can play this classic game with your dog. Not only it’s a good physical exercise (most dogs will run when you call them), it’s also a great workout for your doggy’s brain and nose. The rules are simple and straightforward, just as if you were playing with a child: ask your doggy to sit and stay, and then call them when you found a hiding spot for yourself. You can use large boxes, blankets, or even try emptying out one of the closets temporarily. Do not forget to praise and reward your dog with some krak’ems !

Climbing Stairs (Activity Level: High)

If your building’s stairwell is easily accessible, climbing up and down the stairs can provide your doggy with a good amount of physical exercise. This is also one of the best indoor games for dogs to build your dog’s confidence. If your building does not have easily accessible stairwell, you can use indoor dog stairs . Most dogs should not have any trouble going up and down the stairs, but if this is their first time, do the following. First, place a tiny piece of krak’ems (or other dog treats) on the top of the stairs to encourage the dog, then repeat the process to lure them down. Just remember: climbing stairs is a very intense exercise, especially for smaller dogs, so stop when they start panting.

Laser Pointers (Actitvity Level: Medium)

You may be surprised to hear it, but some dogs, just like cats, love laser pointers too! Chasing the red dots on the floor is a good workout, especially if you occasionally point at the places where you hid some treats. Laser pointers are very inexpensive and easy to use, and they can be used in all other indoor games for dogs. Just make sure not to shine the laser directly into your doggy’s eyes since it could damage their retinas.

Bursting Bubbles (Activity Level: Medium)

Certain breeds with hunting instinct find joy and excitement in catching bubbles. While we use regular bubble wands and blowers, you can find a wide selection of special bubble making toys for dogs (both portable for use indoors, and sprinkler type, which are great in the summer, if you have a yard). There is also no need to buy special solution specifically made for dogs – regular bubbles for children are nontoxic and can be used with dogs. You can also make your own bubble solution, by mixing a cup of water, little splash of environmentally friendly and non-fragrant dish washing detergent (for example, all-natural and pet-safe Eco-Me Natural Sudsing Dish Soap), a couple of spoons of chicken or other meat-based broth, and a tiny bit of sugar. A quick game of chasing bubble is very exciting for your doggy, and is always fun to watch!

Indoor Obstacle Course (Activity Level: High)

Another great way to keep your doggy physically active is to create an obstacle course for them. You can either build simple obstacles from the stuff you have at home, or assemble the one that was made by professionals . Most obstacle course consist of barriers (something for your dog to jump over), bridges (something for you dog to walk on), tunnels (something for your doggy to crawl or walk through), and weave poles (something for your doggy to walk around). In our case, barriers are quickly created using a couple of brooms and stacks of books. The bridges are usually made from the cushions of our Bo Concept couch, and tunnels are created from the cardboard boxes. Elaborate labyrinths can be also created using pillows, blankets and stacks of books. It all depends on your creativity and how comfortable is your dog with the challenge. Naturally, adding krak’ems and other dog treats to the equation increases levels of dedication and fun tenfold!!

Indoor Games for Dogs: After the Play

At the end, do not forget to reward your doggy with treats, give them plenty of clean fresh water, and then hep them to rest by snuggling and rubbing their belly. These are just a few of our personal favorite indoor games for rainy/snowy days. What do you do to tire out your doggy and keep them happy?

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